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Painting & Staining

Proper maintenance is essential for any exterior wood deck or fence. Not only does it greatly enhance the look, but it also prolongs the life of your wood structure. Our sales reps will show you samples, describe the differences between types of stains, and expertly explain the complete staining process in full detail.

Why is it important to stain?

Staining greatly improves the finish of the wood, significantly benefits the durability of the structure, and protects from rot, mold and insects.

What is the right stain for me?

Depending on the condition of your wood structure, we will recommend a transparent, a semi-transparent, or an opaque stain. For newly built wood structures, transparent and semi-transparent stains are recommended. These stains allow you to keep the same basic texture and grain of the wood, while providing a protective layer. For aged decks and fences, or previously stained structures, an opaque stain is best. Opaque stains will hide any imperfections or blemishes in the wood, and offer excellent UV protection.

How often should a stain be applied?

Depending on your structure’s exposure to the elements, stain should be applied every 1-3 years. Our climate is subjected to such temperature extremes, that we recommend staining at least every 2 years. We understand that staining can be time-consuming, tiresome, and tedious. Let our staining team do a professional job tailored to your wants and desires.


A Free Consultation

If you provide a picture and rough dimensions of your project, we will return within 48 hours with a comprehensive estimate. This will include our thoughts on the type of service and stain required: Premium (involves washing with a product, sanding and staining) typically used for semi-transparent, transparent or previously stained projects. Or, we will recommend Standard care (sanding then staining), typically for opaque projects.